Trivia question: What was Blondie's maiden name?
Answer: "Boopadoop"

No kidding! Chic Young's "Blondie" comic strip debuted in 1930, during the era of flappers, Helen Keane, and Betty Boop. Mind you, she didn't stay single once Dagwood Bumstead set his sights on her. Blondie, which still appears in the comics today, also had significant runs in television, the movies, and especially radio, where it aired from 1939-1950.

As a prototypical "he and she" (and the kids and the boss) sitcom, Bondie struck a universal chord. Dagwood seemed to be more the dreamer with Blondie the practical wife who reined him in. Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton portrayed the husband and wife across various mediums for a rather amazing 19 years, hardly seeming to age in the process. In fact, Penny Singleton had a remarkably long-lived career, following "Blondie" by voicing Jane Jetson -- even to the Jetsons feature-length film of 1990, when she was 82 years old!

It should also be noted that it was the "Blondie" radio show which gave us the announcer's immortal phrase, "Ah-ah-aah! Don't touch that dial!"

Being sponsored for much of the run by a tobacco company, many scripts were scanned and are archived online at