The Witch's Tale

STARS: Adelaide Fitzallen as "OLD NANCY, the Witch", Alonzo Dean Cole as "Satan, the Black Cat"
FEATURING: Marie O'Flynn, Mark Smith, Alan Devitt

Begun regionally on WOR radio in New York, this is one of the earliest of the horror genre shows. It also helped begin a trend in creepy hosts that "lives" on to this day in popular entertainment. "Old Nancy, the witch of Salem," was the cackling host of the show, and she was a caution! She quickly became a favorite of New York kids in the 1930's, who imitated her quips and cackles to scare their younger brothers and sisters at night

Since Nancy was a witch from Salem, she knew of the old days, and relished a historical, and often hysterical, setting with her charming cat, Satan! Some say the cat was played by producer Alonzo Deen Cole.